We saw it. We did it. We printed the t-shirt.

We made the music, we painted the walls, we ran the clubs, we owned the record shops, we designed that record sleeve, we deejayed there first and we turned the world on its head while we were doing all of that.

If you teach music, art or journalism courses to groups and you need a guest speaker...


Nancy Noise

Ibiza Foundation DJ / Perfecto

Si Begg

Composer / Sound Designer

Graeme Park

FAC 51 The Ha├žienda

Rob Manley

Virgin Records

Nancy Noise

Ibiza Foundation DJ / Perfecto

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The Story

'Teach The Each' can get you the people that REALLY made a difference in Music & Art culture.

You could almost sit 'round the festival campfire with us and hear stories and tall tales from the halcyon days when clubs and clubbing were a secret, closely guarded by a knowing few. Tales from when electronic dance music was raw and forming, morphing into the massive bulti-million pound industry it is today.

We were there, most of this was built on OUR shoulders.

Let us tell you ALL about it ...

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